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Experience God’s presence in praise and worship

The Word of God tells us that God delights in us when we worship Him in spirit and in truth—and this is what we strive for in every service! Every time when we gather together, we yearn for God and enjoy His presence brought forth by such a worship experience. When God fills us up in our midst, His grace, His healing, His comforting, and His guidance are given to every child who belongs to Him!


Experience the tender loving care in fellowship

IGCLA is a big family filled with love. In every fellowship group, we are willing to learn according to Biblical instructions, apply the principle to love one another, and enable every member of a group to find a sense of belonging in a spiritual home, that each person may be satisfied and rejuvenated by the true agape love—especially in a cold and dark world full of hurts!


Biblically rooted and applicable, practical teachings of truth

In this ever changing age, we believe that the Bible is an evergreen truth—one which stands the test of time with indomitable accuracy. We continually experience and can testify to the tangible reliability of the Bible. Whether it is on the pulpit, during Sunday school, or in Bible study, we esteem the Word of God and allow His Words to become the strength and guide ofour lives.


Transcultural English ministry and a faith legacy

Although IGCLA is mainly consisted of overseas Chinese immigrants, we pay close attention to the growth and development of our youth and kids, and for that we have established relevant worship and fellowship services. Not only will the ministry enable the next generation to ease into the home environment which is relatively foreign to them, it can also propagate their faith legacy and cultivate their characters.

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