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教會簡介 Church Summary









Immanuel Gospel Church of Los Angeles (IGCLA) was established in March of 2013. We vary in our origins and backgrounds. Most of our members originate from Mainland China and Taiwan, with our common tongue being Mandarin—but we communicate in English as well. The demographics comprise of first generational immigrants, second generation Americans, and the sprouting third generations.


The Mission of IGCLA places emphasis on deeply cultivating the spiritual life and application of being a Christian and advancing the Gospel. We believe and accept the truths about God’s love of the world, His salvation on the Cross, and their associated Biblical teachings. Our church has Jesus Christ as our head and believers as members of the body—regardless of men or women—who serve one another according to their talents as servants of Christ.


We have Sunday Worship, themed gatherings, and Sunday Schools; sometimes during the week various gatherings and occasional discipleship training and social activities will be held. We cordially invite you to join our big family of Christ and together we shall learn, grow, and testify the love and grace of God and spread the good news.

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